Michael Dorsey Clark

Michael Dorsey Clark (Class of 1959) died on 16 January 2021 in Durham, North Carolina, his home since 2005. Michael was a professor emeritus of history at the University of New Orleans in Louisiana where he taught for forty years and received awards for excellence in teaching. In his retirement, he continued to teach in a homeschool for his favorite students—his two granddaughters. He is the author of three books—Worldly Theologians: The Persistence of Religion in Nineteenth-Century American Thought, Coherent Variety: The Idea of Diversity in British and American Conservative Thought, and The American Discovery of Tradition, 1865-1942—and numerous scholarly articles. Michael is survived by his beloved wife of 55 years Mary Dugan Clark, his children Thomas D. Clark and Laura J. Hart, his sister Judith M. Clark, and his granddaughters Ella and Lila.