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The Whiffenpoofs of Yale were founded in 1909. The Whiffenpoofs of 1959 recorded the 50th Anniversary Album which is well worth listening to these many years later.

This album presents a representative selection of the songs sung by the 1959 Whiffenpoofs. Annie Laurie, Mavourneen and The Old Songs have been sung and enjoyed by Whiffenpoofs dating back to 1909. This record also includes arrangements, presented this year for the first time, of Mountain Greenery and Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair.

Just click on this link, sit back, and enjoy the rich sound of the ‘59 Whiffs.

Our 60th Reunion Class Book, “The Way We Were: Stories of Our Bright College Years,” containing 200 pages of essays by our classmates and widows with remembrances of our undergraduate days should now have been received by everyone. Here is the Pop Quiz that appears at the end of the book. Of course you will have gotten most of the answers after reading the book and just had to check here for a few of the trickier questions. With thanks to all and with hope that you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed creating it for you, The Editors

News! Don Watson informs us that a few extra copies of “The Way We Were” are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the cost of $28.00/copy, which includes USPS priority mailing. Don can be reached at earthrise001@sbcglobal.net.

“But time and change shall naught avail
To break the friendships formed at Yale.”

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George Buchanan, Charles Griffith, Ben Gertz and Al Atherton at the Yale-Harvard lacrosse game April 28, 2018, a Yale win 16-8. Onward then to win the national division 1 title a few later!

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