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Julia Foote wedding Jim Pender writes, “Please consider entering the following comments and this photograph in connection with Bill Ruddy, Tad Foote, Ted Greensfelder and Dave Driscoll, all of whom appear on the list of deceased classmates.

“I had the pleasure of living at Yale with the seven lifelong friends shown in this photo, taken in 1993 at Tad Foote’s daughter’s wedding. (L-R) Bill Ruddy, Alki Scopelitis, Mike Schumann, Tad Foote, Ted Greensfelder, Jim Pender and Dave Driscoll.

“This has been like a second family for all of us. Sadly, Ruddy, Foote, Greensfelder and Driscoll have gone on.”

“But time and change shall naught avail
To break the friendships formed at Yale.”

Classmates write in . . .

August 15, 2018: The Tailgate Schedule is posted!
Saturday, September 29 vs Maine at 1pm
Friday, October 5 vs Dartmouth at 6pm — note Night Game
Saturday, October 13 vs Mercer at 1pm
Saturday, November 3 vs Brown at 1pm
Saturday, Nov 10 vs Princeton at 12:30pm

Again we will host tailgates starting at 10:30 in Parking Lot B behind Cox cage and for the Dartmouth night game, cocktails will start at 5pm!

George Buchanan, Charles Griffith, Ben Gertz and Al Atherton at the Yale-Harvard lacrosse game April 28, 2018, a Yale win 16-8. Onward then to win the national division 1 title a few later!

April 30, 2018: John Stickler sends in an amazing account of his experience at the Fifth Annual Asian Advertising Congress in Taipei, Taiwan in November, 1966. His essay originally appeared in Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society — Korea Branch, Volume 87, 2012 edition. Please click to view.

March 19, 2018: John Stickler remembers Walter Sterling. Please click to view…

The Fall ’17 football tailgate schedule is now posted here!

Dick Bentley’s career in urban planning has led him, over time, to live in 14 different neighborhoods in 10 different American cities. His planning activities produced the book “American Cities — Neighborhoods and Networks“, a twitchy version of those slick coffee-table publications like “The Ten Most Beautiful Villages in Tuscany”. He has published 3 books of poetry and fiction, some of which included “wall poetry.” Dick has provided us with some updated “wall poetry” and a bit more information, as well as photos of some of his paintings.

Please click here to read the rest of his note to the class, and to see the artwork he’s sent in.

Dear Ben,

Like virtually all of our classmates at Yale, we and our families were caught up in the drama of WWII, even if we ourselves were too young to fight.

When the war ended most of our fathers came home safely. Mine did not.

The loss of my father had a profound effect on my life, even if after the war my mother would remarry a man who was kind and generous. Thanks to them I’ve been fortunate to lead a rich and happy life.

When my first son was born in 1964, I gave him my father’s two first names: Nathaniel, Minter. Like my father, he was called Minter (my grandmother’s maiden name), a distinctive name if there ever was one. As I was growing up, and even later, I found what little I knew about my father’s short life to be extremely depressing — it frequently led to tears — so I tried to avoid thinking about it too often, sometimes even to the point of suppressing it. On the other hand, my son Minter (Y ’87) knew no such bounds; he has delved deeply into every detail of my father’s life, spending more than twenty years collecting information and reconstructing his life, as well as that of my late mother who died in 1963. This effort has now evolved into a book written by him scheduled for publication this coming fall. The title is The Last Ring Home. He has also produced a 26-minute documentary film with the same name that PBS is planning to air at about the same time. We will donate any profits from this endeavour to Wounded Warriors.

Cooperating closely with Minter over the past few years has enabled me better to come to grips with the mindless cruelty of the Japanese, the suffering of my father and his fellow prisoners, and the horrors of war in general. Perhaps above all, it has brought me as close as it is possible to be to my two Minters.

It occurs to me that some of our classmates may find this story of interest. Minter has built a web site containing relevant information about his project, including a link to a two-minute teaser of the film, and the option of signing up to be notified when the book and the 26-minute film become available. The link is: http://thelastringhome.com

Nathaniel Victor Dial ‘59

Books, poetry, and artwork by Dick Bentley. New in October ’17: information about Dick’s new book! Click to view.

Bright College Years. Kirby Westheimer updated his essay. Click to view.

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