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Jon Russin and Ernie Schoen-René got together for a Yale Russian Chorus Alumni concert along with a Georgian Choir at Bard college

Attending the Men’s Lacrosse Ivy Tournament May 7, Charlie Griffith, Tony De Paul and Hugo Krantz. Yale won against Brown 10-9 in a squeaker!

Post-game party

Thanks to Jim Connors, we have our 1955 copy of “The Old Campus” here online for classmates to view! Click here to see it. (8/11/16)

Sandy Wiener’s news (3/8/16)

News has reached us of Edward T. Foote’s death. (added 3/02/16)

Ben Zitron calls for another look at the “Virtual Yale Station.” (2/26/16)

Jack Killion reports on his wife Judy’s impact on aspiring young female entrepreneurs. (2/15/16)

Sandy Wiener invites us to ponder the wise words on getting close to 80 by Oliver Sacks, Donald Hall, Henry Miller and others. (2/10/16)

Also, Kent Hackmann and Jack Killion invite your suggestions on how to launch an effective PR campaign against ISIS. (2/16 and ongoing)