Life Stories (temporary test)

Dear Classmates:

A small group in our class has been writing tales of their lives. Such as incidents that have made a difference to them and others; illustrations of “what-if’s” that have sent us in different directions…

Good examples have been posted here on our website. Take a look at them, below on this page (scroll down).

This invitation is for you to participate in this project here on our class website as well. Widows/partners are invited too.

Dick Bentley originated the idea by proposing that persons write possible examples of their obituaries, whether serious or whatever, and he invited some friends to participate, mainly from The Yale Record. The idea quickly morphed into stories of interesting aspects of persons’ lives.

You can send your stories to Sandy Wiener at: If you have questions, let Sandy know by email, or by phone at 734-662-8660. The stories will then be posted to our website by Jean McKillop, the wizard behind its longtime smooth functioning.

You can add your email address to your writing if you wish, and we will have a comments area at the bottom of each story page, for classmates to react to your submission.

Some suggestions.

• Content: That which enlightens, entertains, and to the extent memory serves, is truthful, unless of course you choose to regale us with a shared fantasy.

• Nothing that is not suitable for all eyes and ears of the world, that is, copyright-free, has permissions, is not critical of classmates.

Finally, the “Life Observations” location here on the class website still exists, for discussions of issues that are not stories about our lives, such as goings-on at Yale, politics, the virus, climate change, remembrances, philosophizing, etc. The list can be vast.

So, write away! Sandy

Some early entries, newest on the site posted at the top of this list. If there has been an update on any of the listings, that too will be noted. Be sure to scroll all the way down each of the story pages, to see classmates comments (if any have been added) or to add your own!

Life Stories are listed directly below. We also have two new sections: The Fictions of Our Lives and Creatively Premature Obituaries. Select either of the links to find those sections of this page’s listings.

An asterisk (*) denotes comments on the story.

Life Stories

“Chicago, That Toddling Town” by Gary Clarke (added 11/25/20)

“A Life in Music” by Peter Pastreich (added 11/04/20) *

“Coincidence” by Pack Wilbur (added 10/29/20) *

“Maverick, and What If’s” by Sandy Wiener (added 10/27/20) *

“Hard” by Peter Sears (added 10/20/20)

“Unused Miles” by Dick Bentley (added 10/20/20) *

“Diplomatic Relations with Lesser Powers” by Curtis Kammen (added 10/12/20)

“BLACK BEAR SCAT ON RIVER BENCH PATH” by Erik Esselstyn (added 10/05/20) *

“SANTA EATS WIENER SCHNITZEL” by Bob Pellaton (added 10/01/20) *

“The Animal’s Right” by Alice Vining (added 9/30/20) *

“Black Lives Matter” – Twenty-nine Years Ago by Kent Hackman (added 9/24/20) *

“Palaver” by Bob Pellaton (added 9/24/20) *

“Over Jackass Hill” by Bob Pellaton (added 9/22/20) *

“IX Defilé de Lancone” by Robert Reitter (added 9/15/20) *

“Some Amusing Incidents From a Yalie’s Life” by David S. Martin (added 9/15/20) *

“Are You Superstitious?” by Victor Dial (added 9/10/20) *

“Opportunity Can Come From Unexpected Places” by Mark A. Gordon (added 9/07/20) *

“A White Dress” by Dick Bentley (added 9/04/20) *

“Hackers” by Dick Bentley (added 8/18/20)

“Adieu Georges” by Victor Dial (added 8/18/20)

“Chappy” – a memory from Lee Smith (added 8/18/20) *

“Big Business” by Dyer Wadsworth (added 8/18/20) *

“Jebaniana” by Don Watson (added 8/18/20) *

“poetry and precognition” by Sandy Wiener (added 8/18/20) *

The Fictions of Our Lives

Fiction #1 by Classmate

Fiction #2 by Classmate

Creatively Premature Obituaries

Creatively Premature Obituary #1 by Classmate

Creatively Premature Obituary #2 by Classmate