John Suisman, a remembrance

The following warm remembrance of “Suis” was sent to us by Mike Whitney:

“Suis” was an odd man out in that cohort of Hartford or DC prep school buddies that made up our 9- or 10-person suite above the dining hall. But over the decades he and I became much closer despite our inherent growing-up differences – he Jewish, social, piano playing gambler not one iota interest in outdoors except playing golf, NY Times reader, straight liberal Dem all the way etc.; and me, loner, conservative, small ‘r’ social family Abe Lincoln republican, biker, Marine, forester. No matter; we were friends. John was a man of deep, deep courage, and losing both legs changed his life completely. He went back to school, became a trauma counselor, kept playing golf, and became a really humble man in the best sense. Not one for reunions in the last 20 years or so, he became the “Social Director” for some of us roommates to get together every year, even if we did not do the reunion thing. Did two meet-ups last year: one here in Maine with wives. Thankful for that.

I enjoyed and valued our (60th) reunion… John wished he had done it but the wheelchair thing was wearing on him for sure. It was lung cancer that got him in the end.

Sic Tempus Fugit Mike