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The visuals are from his photos and paintings — as well as a few that he saw somewhere else and liked — for their poetic evocativeness, suggestionability, vividity, imagistic synergy, visual obdischzharity — and other deeply human qualities. Some have been displayed at the Greenwich Village Art fair and the River Valley Co-op, as well as at the art-sugared Henion’s in Amherst.

The poetry is from his three published books: Post-Freudian Dreaming, A General Theory of Desire, and All Rise. Everything can be purchased for $6.66. Dick Bentley’s books are also available from Amazon at the same price.

For questions and links — DickBentley.com or try 413-256-0240.

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Fall ’16: Dick Bentley’s third book, All Rise, appeared recently and is described by one reviewer:

All Rise follows the author’s earlier books, Post-Freudian Dreaming and A General Theory of Desire. In a collection filled with exuberance and insight, Bentley offers up a variety of characters and settings that reflect our sometimes humorously shared humanity.

“A pregnant teenage girl is stranded on the top of the World’s Biggest Crucifix (a place that actually exists in Indian River, Michigan) and, alone with God, she confesses her sins and makes a few suggestions on how he could improve his performance.

“A divorced couple meets in a singles bar.

“A mother tries to convince a school principal that her four year old is ‘gifted.’

“Two executives of an investment firm decide to conduct a love affair for profit, while electronically robbing all Americans of their identities.

“These and other captivating stories, plus a diverse collection of poems, provide a mesmerizing literary feast!”

Dick also lets us know that he also had an art show a while ago of his “Wall Poetry” (poems mixed with graphic art, samples below).


All Rise