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Views of Cross Campus during the fall.
Yale defeats Baylor

Is there any Yale Man ’59 out there on this Thursday afternoon not aware that Yale pounded out a victory 79-75 vs Baylor in today’s NCAA BB game led by Makai (wind-to-the-sea), Yale’s record-setting point guard… AND featuring for the television audience, the Whiffenpoofs with their Yale Center member. For sure the NCAA administration did not anticipate a showing of this elite group in formal wear while the Bulldogs engaged in trench warfare to WIN! They may never be the same…

Next up on Saturday comes Duke, wearing their derivative blue&white, a little-known team that the Yale players feel they can defeat. Stay tuned. BOOLA BOOLA

What a great way to mark my first day as your new Web Director, and say thanks to Sandy Wiener and Ed Greenberg.

Ben Zitron


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