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Unknown Peace AgreementJack Maresca has authored a new book, called The Unknown Peace Agreement, published by Ibidem, the German subsidiary of the Columbia University Press. The book reveals the little-known story of how the final Peace Agreement for the conclusion of World War Two in Europe was negotiated and signed, at the summit level, in 1990 by all the countries which participated — in one way or another — in World War Two in Europe. Jack was the Ambassador and US negotiator for this agreement, and tells the little-known inside story of this private negotiation, which led to the summit level signing ceremony in Paris in 1990. To this day the event is virtually unknown, so Jack was motivated to tell the story of how the agreement was negotiated, and signed. He also notes, in the book, the ironies in the fact that the US negotiator for this agreement (Jack himself) was born in Italy, and arrived in the US, speaking no English, on the last ship to leave Italy before war broke out in Europe, grew up as an American because of that war, and became the US Ambassador who negotiated its formal conclusion. Full information on the book can be found on the website of the Columbia University Press; here is the direct link to the book’s page.

Jack Maresca has published a new novel, called The Russian Operation, which is available through major online book dealers. “The Russian Operation” is an international adventure story which takes place in Washington, Moscow, and remote regions of Russia, and is filled with action and suspense. The book was published by Edition Noema, an affiliate of the Columbia University Press which is based in Germany. Jack lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and has published several books and numerous book chapters and articles over the years. This is his first novel, but he is already planning a sequel. Jack can be reached at his e-mail address:

Helsinki Revisited by John J. Maresca, was published in 2015 by the Ibidem press of Stuttgart, Germany, which is an affiliate of the Columbia University Press. Copies are available through the Columbia University Press, or on the internet.

John says, “The book recounts — in personal recollection style — my role in the closing of the Cold War in Europe. The official closing was at the Paris Summit of November 19, 1990, where the ‘Charter of Paris for a New Europe’ (which I had negotiated on behalf of the USA), was signed by Presidents Bush, Gorbachev, Mitterrand, and all the other leaders of Europe and North America at that time. Bush himself proclaimed that ‘The Cold War is over,’ at the Paris conference, and since that time this has generally been recognized. Germany had been reunified by that time, and the USSR was still intact, so it was possible to reach such an agreement among the belligerent powers which had conducted the Second World War. This would not have been possible before the reunification of Germany, nor after the dissolution of the USSR, since they were two of the key adversaries which actually fought the war. I was the head of the US delegation which negotiated the official documents closing the war, and personally negotiated many of the key elements.”

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