Observations About Life

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Personal Observations

Three Questions and Two Statements by Sandy Wiener (9/25/15)

….. Response by Kent Hackmann (11/19/15)
….. Response by Sandy Wiener (11/20/15)

Network All The Time: Jack Killion’s new book (1/04/16)

Getting Close to Eighty by Sandy Wiener (2/10/16)

“Bright College Years” by Kirby Westheimer, an updated chronicle not to be missed (6/24/16)

Observations About the World

Local Farms, Young Farmers by Sandy Wiener (9/26/15)

….. Response by Charles Griffith (10/1/15)

Observations about the World – Refugees and Terrorists by Kent Hackmann (11/30/15)

Call for Ways to Launch a High Impact, Integrated, Global Branding and Marketing PR Campaign Against ISIS A conversation begun by Jack Killion and Kent Hackmann – please join in! (2/05/16)