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(3/8/16) Sandy Wiener writes in: “Toward the end of February, Sarah and I (and daughters Nell and Eliza) were with Erik Esselstyn and his wife Celina Moore for dinner at their wonderfully restored old tavern house in Plainfield, northern Vermont. Lots of music, including Schubert lieder and indie folk. Erik also read a poem he had written, the verses coming together, he said, as part of a fundraiser for Here it is.”


. . . .Listen.

. . . .Listen.

. . . .I am the great Himalayan water spider. For millennia I have crouched atop the thousands of square miles of glaciers in the world’s highest mountains. I feed on layers and layers of miles thick ice. The ice is thinning. My eight legs are wilting.

. . . .I am dying.

. . . .One leg forms the Indus River that winds through Pakistan and empties into the Arabian Sea . Another leg, the Amu Darya , flows through the poppy fields and gardens of Afghanistan. The withering Aral Sea depends on another leg, the Syr Darya.

. . . .The Yellow and the Yangtze wend through China and today may not reach the sea. Ah, my beloved Brahmaputra that skirts the ice fields on the north and winds its way through Bangladesh, slaking the thirst of millions. And my robust Ganges, the endless fount of life for India’s farmers, that sweeps the ashes of the dead to the ocean. Remember, too, the sweet Mekong, thousands of miles of glistening fish and endless rice paddies.

. . . .We are dying.

. . . .My Andean cousins that freshen a thousand western streams and water the fountains of La Paz and Lima are disappearing. As well my Alpine sisters who provide such wondrous skiing and feed Lakes Geneva and Como.

. . . .We are dying.

. . . .Listen.

. . . .Listen.

. . . .Erik Esselstyn
. . . .April 2007

Benjamin Zitron examines a change from “Virtual Yale Station” email to “YaleMail.” (2/26/16)

Jack Killion pens a note to Sandy Wiener about his wife Judy’s activities on behalf of budding women entrepreneurs. (2/15/16)

Dave Fogg’s remarkable account of our nude (and others’) pictures has been posted in Recent Publications. (12/08/15)

Prolific author Richard Posner is profiled in Harvard Magazine. (2/06/16)

Waterfall, a new musical by Richard Maltby, Jr. and David Shire

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Maltby’s and Shire’s new musical at the Pasadena Playhouse.  I understand it is headed for New York, with other stops along the way.  Look out for it in your town and see it.

It is amazing that the boys are still at the top of their form after almost 60 years in the game.

The story is set in Thailand before World War II begins, but the Japanese are taking over.

In a post play “talk-back with the audience” some representative of an Asian rights group complained about a lack of parts written in American theater for Asian actors.  Shire, with a Cheshire cat grin on his face, responded that of 22 cast members in the play 21 were Asian. (Ron Stackler, 11/5/15)

Save the Date! We’re planning a Class of 1959 mini-reunion… (click to read more) (Charlie Nolan, 10/13/15)

Britt Orchestra presents world premiere song cycle inspired by Oregon Poet Laureate Peter Sears (Sandy Wiener, 10/02/15)