Class Projects and Fellowships

projects1’59 actively supports several Class Projects. Learn more about them by opening the links below.

’59 Affiliation with Hopper (Calhoun) College

’59 Monthly Lunch – New York City Yale Club

’59 Alumni Community Service Fellowship

Hopper College Fund for Excellence

Lionel Jin, who graduated in May ’18 was one of the students who came to speak at the 2017 ’59 Class Council breakfast, to express his heartfelt gratitude to the class for its support. He graduated with a slew of astonishing Yale awards, including the Chittenden Prize. He is also a Schwartzman scholar. The Class of 1959 will want to keep a close eye on his trajectory, which is already stellar!

Here’s news of two other recent Class of ’59 awardees, both of whom are now seniors:

Lucy Tomasso

Lucy Tomasso

Lucy is a Hopper senior – at Hopper she manages our music practice rooms. She is already a producer, director, writer, choreographer and actress, and envisions a career in film. The support that she received from the Class of ’59 helped her connect with production and management companies (including Grandview/Automatik) in Los Angeles, and to gain some much-needed preliminary experience, as well as professional contacts. She sends a big thank you!

Kevin Ou


Kevin Ou

Kevin was very grateful to receive support from the Class of ’59, which enabled him to present his research at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Kevin is a senior, studying biomedical engineering as part of a planned career in medicine. Kevin has also completed research internships with the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the UCLA School of Medicine, and most recently the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

The Greensfelder Fellowship

In 1998, Ted Greensfelder passed away. One of seven roommates who began a lifelong friendship at Yale, Ted’s death marked the first loss to that core group. The remaining six roommates, Foote, Schumann, Scopelitis, Ruddy, Driscoll and Pender, as well as many other classmates, join together to honor his memory in an ongoing way with an annual scholarship to a deserving Yale student.

The Greensfelder Scholarship:

* Has supported a student every year since 1998;
* Employs the following criteria: a student in Davenport College who demonstrates the various qualities we all admired about Ted Greensfelder.

Finally, we encourage the student to communicate with the Greensfelder family.

Tony Nguyen

The 2016 recipient is Tony Nguyen, who reports, “Yale has been a transformative experience, especially as a first-generation college student. I had never traveled abroad before college, but since then, I have traveled to nine countries, with more to come. In addition, I have had a passion for debate since high school. I continued to pursue that passion at Yale, serving on the board of Yale’s debate team and traveling most weekends to debate competitions domestically and internationally. The Edward B. Greensfelder Scholarship Fund allowed me to take full advantage of these opportunities. Most importantly, it allowed me to meet amazing professor and peers and, in the words of the Yale Debate Association’s oath, ‘form bonds of friendship that outlast my tenure’ on campus.”